Mar 17: Discussing Voting Results and Precinct-Level Trends with Dr Ray Serrano PhD

Guest Speaker for March Meeting: Dr. Ray Serrano PhD – Voting Results

Talking Points for the March Meeting:

  • The 2022 general election reveals several lessons that can help guide us in marshaling the votes needed to win elections.
  • The landscape of voter registration and voter turnout by party. Understanding these trends help to know where we are and what we can do to improve.
  • Methods of voting and the impact of mail-in ballot voting. 
  • Precinct-level trends in voting–essentially which precincts are becoming more blue or more red.
  • Provide a data-driven explanation for where Republicans stand in terms of elections and where they can improve.

Dr. Ray Serrano works primarily in the field of healthcare financing and health system reform.

Dr. Serrano completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford and received his Master’s in Public Health at Yale University and his PhD. at Emory University.

His doctoral research is largely focused on health system decentralization and his work background largely stems from coordinating/implementing UN initiatives targeting HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in Thailand and Zambia.

He is also organizing issue-based forums, analyzing/presenting election data, mentoring youth, and revising op-eds for local initiatives in Maryland.

Dr. Serrano currently serves as a commissioner for the Maryland Higher Education Commission. His quantified and analytical presentation permits easy conclusions.